Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Visions

      Everyone has been asking what my book is about, so here I wrote a brief summary for all of you who have been wondering. I hope you guys find it interesting enough to give it a shot and read it. Please spread the word! Thank you again for all your support! :)

      Sarah Reed was the average teenage girl,with hopes and dreams of a bright and promising future. Until the unforgettable, bitter day she tragically lost the one she loved in a brutal car accident. A year later she still can't seem to get a firm grip on the reality that was quickly stripped from her innocent life. Until that beautiful warm summer day, she saw a possible end to her heart's throbbing pain. His name was Keith.   He was everything a girl could ever want,sensitive,charming, handsome, and a passion for murder?  As they feverishly begin to fall in love, a whole new nightmare begins. With every warm breath bringing them closer to each other, the hellish nightmares and provoked visions become stronger, more frequent and very real.  Alongside, her two closest friends, Sarah suddenly finds herself lost somewhere in between life and death, desperately searching for an end to all the madness.  Will they become the next  innocent victims of a brutal crime or will she see through the visions?


  1. Uh oh....sounds like the beginning of a very good story!!!! Need more!!!! So far so good though, I like it.

  2. Sounds great and very interesting so far! I would totally read it from this description!