Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a quickie...

I haven't written anything in a little while. I just wanted to give a brief update on the book. Everything is still moving along smoothly. I have finally had the chance to start reading the corrections my editor Rebecca has been doing and it sounds amazing! I am thrilled with what she has done with it! The cover is just about finished and pictures should be up hopefully sometime in the next week or two! 
I started a new website (That still needs a lot of work) so if you get a moment check it out. You will be able to purchase "The Visions" from the website once it is available. I will be getting a lot more done on it soon! I am always open for ideas and input so feel free to let me know people! :) 
Hopefully the next update will be with pictures of the cover and maybe a little sneak peak from the book!! :)